Updated: 2022.03.16



From March 21st, for those who have completed vaccinations, do not necessary to do quarantine.



Applicant and date

  Those who have completed vaccinations registered in Korea: from 21.March (Mon)

   - Those who have completed vaccinations in Korea

   - Those who have completed vaccinations in abroad and registered their vaccination history at COOV (vaccination cerification app)


  Non-registered overseas vaccinations: from 1.April (Fri)

   - Those who have been vaccinated in abroad but have not registered their vaccination certification at COOV (vaccination cerification app)



How to Confirmation who have completed vaccination

  Those who have completed vaccinations registered in Korea: Automatically link related information on the quarantine information pre-entry system (Q-CODE) Go to Q-CODE

  Non-registered overseas immunizations in Korea: Entered the vaccinations history and attached certification at Q-CODE. Go to Q-CODE




  Maintain the obligation to submit PCR negative confirmation before entering Korea

  Currently, four countries (Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar) have been designated as countries that must keep the quarantine. Even those who have completed vaccinations are must follow in quarantine regulation.




For more information, please check the link below.

Embassy in Germany [COVID 19 안전공지- 213] 예방접종완료자 격리면제 제도 변경 안내(3.14 기준) 상세보기

Embassy in France (프랑스 입국) 프랑스 입국조치 공지('22.3.14.) 상세보기|공지사항 프랑스 대한민국 대사관 (mofa.go.kr)

ㅇ KDCA: http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/duBoardList.do?brdId=2&brdGubun=23

ㅇ Q-CODE: https://cov19ent.kdca.go.kr