Updated:  Jan 5, 2022


Starting from January 17, 2022, the Government of the Republic of Korea will open the Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC) in London, operated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to manage the Korean visa applications submitted by UK nationals and third country nationals regularly residing in the UK. Click HERE for more information.


Countries subject to strengthened visa screening process due to quarantine management
– United Kingdom

Visa issuance criteria


Currently, you can only apply for visas when you fall under exceptions listed below. Applying for a visa does not mean, your visa will be granted.


Please make sure to plan in advance for your submission to ensure your timely departure.

(Flight schedules, etc. do not fall under the reason for expedited visa screening process) Applicants are recommended to apply for their visa 1.5 – 2 months in advance during high seasons in summer and winter.


For all visa types, if you are not a national from the United Kingdom, you need to provide a document proving your residency in the UK.

For non-EU citizens > provide a proof that you have been living in that country for more than 2 years

(e.g. copies of visas, copies of residence permits (front and back), etc.)

For EU citizens > provide a proof that you reside in that country

(e.g. employment letter, pre-settled/settled status, etc.)



A. Short-term Visas – only Single entry visa is issued

In Principle :  Restrictions on Visa Issuance

Visas for the following exceptions can be issued after sufficient screening period (14 days or more).

(Expedited visa issuance for essential corporate activities)


Exceptions :

1.  Diplomatic Officials

2.  Essential business activities* such as Investment, technology provision (including important business purposes)

> For C-4/C-3-4 visas, visas will not be issued without the cooperation letter*.

3.  Seamen Transit (C-3-11)

4.  Family member of a Korean national (Spouse  Child  ‘Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national)**

> For ‘Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national’, one can apply for a visa for the purpose of supporting pregnancy  childbirth  child raising of children under the age of 7 of a Korean national or a spouse of a Korean national.

5.  Spouse and/or Minor Child of Foreigners living in Korea with long-term visas can apply for visas**

> D-3, E-8, E-9, E-10, G-1, H-1 cannot invite family members.

6.  Recognized humanitarian reasons (Mandatory to submit relevant supporting documents)**


*In principle, visa issuance is only possible if the relevant Ministry in Korea recognizes the essentiality of the business activities and officially asks in writing for cooperation(협조공문/Cooperation Letter) to the Diplomatic Mission.

**Exception categories 4., 5., 6 need to submit a statement explaining the purpose of trip (free format, A4)



B. Long-term Visas – only Single entry visa is issued

In Principle:  Restricted visa issuance

Visas for the following exceptions can be issued after sufficient screening period (14 days or more).


Exceptions :

1.  Diplomat (A-1)  Foreign Government Official (A-2)  Agreement (A-3) > must apply at the Republic of Korea Embassy in London

2.  Students (D-2, Only for government-invited scholarship students (Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)))

3.  Residence (D-7)  Investment (D-8)  Trade (D-9)

4.  Professionals (E-1~E-5, E-6 E-6-2 not an exception, E-7)

5.  Dependent Family (F-3)

6.  Marriage Migrant (F-6)

> UK civil partnership and PACS are not recognized as legal marriage in Korea

7.  Long-term visa applicants whose urgent reasons are recognized as humanitarian reasons





<< How to apply for Cooperation Letter >>

Please show this procedure written in Korean to your inviting company in Korea.

1.  한국 초청기업이 관계 중앙행정기관에 초청하려는 영국 거주 외국인 사증(비자)발급에 필요한 우선심사/협조공문을 요청. (중앙행정기관은 기업의 특성업종규모 등에 따라 관련 행정기관이 다름으로 이는 KVAC에서 안내해드릴 수 없습니다)

2.  중앙행정기관 법무부 외교부를 통해 주독일대한민국대사관이 우선심사/협조공문 수령.

(KVAC 개소에 따라 모든 KVAC 개소 국가 거주 외국인의 비자는 주독일대한민국대사관에서 심사됩니다)

3.  우선심사/협조공문 발행이 허가된 경우국내 초청기업은 허가 일자 및 공문 번호를 사증(비자)을 신청하는 영국 거주 외국인에 이에 대한 정보를 전달하여 비자 신청 시 바로 확인이 가능하도록 안내.

(외교부영사서비스과  XXXXX )

*반드시 국내에서 협조공문을 신청하는 국내 회사가 비자 신청에 필요한 초청장(Invitation Letter)을 작성하시고 사업자등록증 사본은 반드시 3개월 이내로 제공해주시기 바랍니다.



<< Please follow these steps when applying for a visa at KVAC >>



Due to Covid-19, appointments are not possible. You can only apply by post/mail-in.


1.  Please pay your VISA and SERVICE FEES. You can check the fees HERE.


2.  Please send the Visa and Service fees to KVAC bank account before sending your documents. After the payment, please send your Proof of Payment receipt to KVACUKINFO@IOM.INT indicating the following:


Email Subject: 

o             Your Name / Visa Type / Proof of Payment 

(e.g. SMITH, Adam / C-4-5 / Proof of Payment)


Email Contents:

o             Proof of Payment attached to the email

o             Name and Nationality

o             Type of Visa you are applying for (e.g. C-3-1, C-4-5)

o             Payment details (e.g. visa fee 114.40 GBP, service fee 53.00 GBP, courier fee 12.00 GBP…)


When making a transfer, please write ‘Korea Visa and Service Fees’ sentence with your Name and Passport Number as reference.


Bank Information / 계좌정보

IOM KVAC Bank Details:   International Organization for Migration

Name of the bank:   Deutsche Bank AG

IBAN:   DE32 3807 0059 0136 0031 01


Address:   Taunusanlage 12, 60325 FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY


3.  2-3 days after sending the payment, please send all documents including your original passport to the address below. 


Please DO NOT print the submitted documents double-sided. Every page printed single-sided.

Please DO NOT staple your documents.

Please DO NOT clip any papers.


Please indicate your name, address and Visa Category on the envelope.


KVAC London Address / 주소

KVAC London

1st Floor, Heron House, 10 Dean Farrar Street

London SW1H 0DX

United Kingdom


4.  Once KVAC London receives your documents, KVAC staff will check if you sent the payment and all the documents have been completed correctly in order of arrival.  If you submitted everything, your application will be registered to be screened by the embassy.  If not, we will contact you separately.


5.  When your visa decision is out, KVAC staff will print out your Visa (Visa Grant Notice) and send back the passport with the receipt to your address written on the KVAC Waiver Courier.  If your visa is denied, KVAC will only send back your passport and the receipt. KVAC London uses Royal Mail Special Delivery Registered Mail service.





- We do not return your documents that were submitted for review.

- You can submit your documents in English and/or Korean.

- All visas are screened based on the documents submitted. KVAC is unable guarantee your Visa Approval.

- Applicants do not need to submit ‘Health Condition Report’. Please submit ‘Consent for Isolation’.

- The validity period of documents issued in Korea can only be submitted within 3 months from the issuance date unless a separate validity period is mentioned. (eg. Business Registration Certificate, Family Relations Certificate, Certificate of Admission, etc.)


<< 국적상실 신고 관련 >>

1) 의의

대한민국 국민이 외국국적을 취득하면  취득일로부터 대한민국 국적이 자동 상실되는 것이며국적상실신고는 외국국적을 취득한 시점에서 법적으로 대한민국 국적이 상실된 것을 사후에 호적에 정리하기 위한 절차입니다.

국적취득일부터 1개월 이내에 재외공관(영사과또는 법무부(법무과) 신고하여야 합니다.

(호적관서나 국내  출입국 관리사무소에서도 신고를 접수합니다.)

 관련 정보는 여기에서 확인


- For those you once had Korean nationality, you must submit a receipt of loss of nationality document (국적상실 신고 접수증) if you do not have ‘Loss of Nationality’ indicated next to your name on documents such as a Family Relationship Certificate. (가족관계증명서) Korean nationals that voluntarily acquired foreign nationality must forfeit Korean nationality at the time of the acquisition. This can be done at the Republic of Korea Embassy in London.


- You cannot apply for F-4 visa with a receipt of loss of nationality document (국적상실 신고 접수증).
F-4 비자는 국적상실접수증으로 비자 신청 불가반드시 국적상실 신고(완료 신청 가능.)