For visa application submission with an appointment:

Once the KVAC team has confirmed your appointment, you can visit the KVAC office. 

Please note that without confirmation, you will not be authorized to enter the premises. 


Visit the KVAC 15 minutes before your appointment for the security check. 

Take with you the confirmation of the appointment, the proof of payment, the originals, and copies of all your documents including your passport. 



For visa application submission through the mail-in service:

Once the KVAC team has confirmed the correctness of the payment, you can mail your passport and your supporting documents to the KVAC. 


The KVAC team will verify the completeness and correctness of your documentation, in accordance with the relevant checklist. 


The KVAC team will generate a receipt with the details of your payment and:

- If you have submitted your documents in person, the KVAC team will deliver the receipt to you on the same date of the submission;

- If you have mailed your documentation via courier, the KVAC team will send you a copy of the receipt via courier along with your passport.