Select here the relevant checklist corresponding to the purpose of your trip to Korea.

If you have any doubt or question, please contact the KVAC at +49 30 2902245 550 or write an email to (for Germany) or to (for France). 

To facilitate your visa application process, the KVAC offers you the possibility to get your documents checked before the actual visa application submission.



The KVAC team will answer all possible inquiries and will guide you on the next steps:

1. Scan your passport;

2. Scan the visa application supporting documents, in accordance with the relevant checklist;

3. Prepare an email with place of request, date of request, full name, type of visa (in the Subject) and your full name, biographic data, and phone number (in the Text);

4. Attach your documents in PDF or JPEG and send it to  or    


The KVAC team will contact you as soon as your documents have been checked:

1. If the documents are incorrect or incomplete, the KVAC team will guide you explaining what is missing or incoherent with your visa type;

2. If the documents are complete and coherent with your visa type, the KVAC team will guide you to the following step.



Please be aware that this step is included in your service fees and in no conditions, anyone can ask you to pay for additional fees.