To comply with the requirements of the Government of the Republic of Korea, the KVACs in Berlin and Paris have the following working schedule: 

Please refer to the following table: 

Berlin and Paris


Monday to Friday (0900 to 1300 and 1400 to 1630)

Visa Application Submission

Monday to Friday (0900 to 1300)

Please note that the KVAC offices in Berlin and Paris can be visited only upon confirmation of appointment. Visitors without appointment cannot be received.

In case you find yourself in a situation where a particular emergency has occurred and you need an urgent appointment, please contact IOM KVAC in Berlin via email at or via telephone at +49 30 2902245 550. Please be informed that the ROK Embassy in Berlin does not have any expedite process in place and each request must be treated independently and carefully evaluated. The request does not guarantee a successful result. 

In accordance with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (ROK) in Berlin, the KVACs in Berlin and Paris are closed in adherence with the following public holidays:

Holiday 2021- Berlin and Paris

01 January 2021

New Year’s day

01 March 2021

Independence Day 

08 March 2021

Int’l Women’s Day

02 April 2021

Good Friday 

05 April 2021

Easter Sunday

01 May 2021

Labour Day 

13 May 2021

Ascension Day

24 May 2021

Whit Monday 

15 August 2021

National Liberation Day of Korea

03 October 2021

German Unity Day – National Foundation Day 

09 October 2021

Hangul Day

25 December 2021

Christmas Day

26 December 2021

Boxing Day 


Any additional and unplanned closure will be communicated in the Important Notices page.