IOM strives to comply with the highest quality standards. Feedback constitutes an essential component in monitoring and evaluating the projects run by the Organization.

IOM has set a team of experts that will analyze every feedback and address them to the most appropriate recipient for further actions and has established regulations to guarantee the highest level of transparency and effectiveness in the solution of the issue.

Positive Feedback: the compliment is received by the Quality and Integrity team and addressed to the interested staff. The appreciation will be part of the annual evaluation of the staff.

Complaints: complaints are always taken very seriously by IOM. As soon as the complaint is received, an automatic reply will be triggered to you as confirmation of reception, while the Quality and Integrity team will start an investigation. Identified the issue, and found the correction, the responsible will contact you. Would you think that the complaint has not been handled in a satisfactory manner, you can escalate writing directly to the Quality and Integrity Manager.

Suggestions: any suggestion provided by visa applicants and agents will be attentively considered and shared with the project manager.

Please click here to initiate the feedback process.

You can also choose to leave your feedback in person to us at the KVAC.

Note that this channel is exclusive for appreciations, complaints and suggestions.

In case of inquiries, please contact the KVAC at +49 30 2902245 550.