In effect:  April 19, 2021 (Monday)

Updated:  July 23, 2021 


As the visa waiver agreement and visa-free entry have been suspended since April 13, 2020 due to COVID-19, all travelers to Korea must obtain a visa.

Even for short-term visits, you must apply for a short-term visa (stay within 90 days).


- Currently, only Single-Entry visas can be issued for both long-term and short-term visas. 

Please make sure that you do not pay extra visa fees for multiple/double entry visas. 

- When applying for a visa, you must submit a Consent for Isolation(격리동의서) form.


<< Visas that can be issued >>

A. Short-term Visas (single-entry only)

- Restriction of visa issuance on Tourism (including medical tourism) and when there is no urgent need to enter the country, such as visiting relatives


- Toutefois, les visas ne peuvent être délivrés que dans les cas suivants, après une période de vérification suffisante (14 jours et plus) 

1.  Diplomatic Officials

2.  Essential business activities such as Investment, technology provision (including important business purposes)

3.  Seamen Transit (C-3-11)

4.  Short-Term News Coverage(C-1)‧Short-Term Employment(C-4)

5.  Family member of a Korean national (Spouse ‧ Child ‧ ‘Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national)

> For ‘Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national’, one can apply for a visa for the purpose of supporting pregnancy ‧ childbirth ‧ child raising of children under the age of 7 of a Korean national or a spouse of a Korean national.

6.  Family member (spouse, minor child) of foreigners living in Korea with long-term visas

> D-3, E-8, E-9, E-10, G-1, H-1 cannot invite family members.

7.  Recognized humanitarian reasons 



B. Long-term Visas (single-entry only)

-  can be issued after sufficient screening period (14 days and more)



!!! Please make sure to plan in advance for your submission to ensure your timely departure. (Flight schedules, etc. do not fall under the reason for expedited visa screening process)




If the purpose of your travel falls under one of the above-mentioned exemptions, 

please check How to apply for a visa (below) section and request an appointment booking at the Korea Visa Application Center (KVAC Paris) via email at by sending the Proof of Payment.

Currently, appointments cannot be booked online. 


Currently, we are receiving extremely high volume of applications. Thus, it takes longer time to review your documents. Once the document is sent to the embassy for screening, it takes more than 14 days. 


How to apply for a visa (Applicants can apply for a visa by mail-in/post)





Visa and Service Fees 

(Quarantine Exemption is not possible at KVAC Paris, please do not pay 25 EUR)





All Visa Documents can be found here. (Application Forms, Consent for Isolation, Courier Waiver, etc.) 






- You cannot apply for Quarantine Exemption at KVAC Paris. KVAC Paris does not have any information regarding vaccinated person and quarantine exemptions.

- The validity period of documents issued in Korea is 3 months from the issuance date unless a separate validity period is mentioned. 

(eg. Business Registration Certificate, Family Relations Certificate, Certificate of Admission, etc.)

- For those you once had Korean nationality, you must submit a receipt of loss of nationality document (국적상실 신고 접수증) if you do not have ‘Loss of Nationality’ indicated next to your name on documents such as a Family Relationship Certificate. (가족관계증명서) Korean nationals that voluntarily acquired foreign nationality must forfeit Korean nationality at the time of the acquisition. This can be done at the Republic of Korea Embassy in France. 

- You can check information regarding K-ETA from the K-ETA website.