Authorization by the Government of the Republic of Korea for Visa Application Services

After a governmental decision of the Republic of Korea to centralize the visa processing in Berlin (Germany), the Visa Offices of a few selected ROK Embassies in Europe will not receive visa applications anymore. To facilitate the EU and EEA citizens and the third country nationals regularly resident in those countries in their visa application process, the Government of the Republic of Korea has authorized IOM to act as the only partner offering visa application related services. 

Please see here the list of the countries and locations where IOM operates the Visa Application Centers on behalf of the Government of Korea:

• Berlin, Germany

• Paris, France

• London, United Kingdom


The IOM Korea Visa Application Centers provide the following services:

• General information to visa applicants 

• Distribution of application forms, information sheets, and checklists regarding visa requirements

• Collection of visa applications (including passports and supporting documents)

• Document completeness checks and verification services

• Processing of visa application and service fees

• Submission of basic personal information and data into the Korean visa portal 

• Secure electronic transmission of visa applications to the Korean Embassy and transmission of visa decisions

• Other necessary services as required by visa applicants of the ROK Government. 

Before applying, please verify here if there is any visa exemption for your country of origin.