In effect:  April 1, 2022 (Friday)                                                                                                              Updated:  May 10, 2022








From 2021.09.01 (Wed) 00:00 (Korea time), nationals of EU and Schengen Convention countries such as Germany and France will be able to enter the Republic of Korea without a visa for a short period of time (90 days or less). However, if the purpose of entry is to engage in activities such as installation, repair, production, supervision etc., a work visa (C-4-5) must be issued as before, even if it is short-term (90 days or less).


On the other hand, K-ETA will become compulsory from September 1, 2021 (Wednesday), thus visa-free entrants must obtain a K-ETA before entering the Republic of Korea. Please apply through the K-ETA Website( or Application (K-ETA).

 The Visa Application Center (KVAC) does not handle K-ETA related business, thus if you have any questions, please refer to the Electronic Travel Authorization System website.


<List of K-ETA Required Countries>

Pleae visit K-ETA Website.  Notice > Notice > K-ETA


 ※ Applicants for short-term employment (C-4) cannot apply for K-ETA.

Who is eligible for C-4 Visa type? 
ⓛ Profitable artistic activities, ②Advertising/fashion models, ③Those who have compensation or allowance to participation in athletics, competitions, and exhibitions ④Lectures, Training ⑤Research, ⑥Technical guidance,⑦ Those who want to stay for a short period for profit, and engage in high-tech fields such as technology ⑧ By contract with public and private institutions (Persons who intend to engage in vocational activities (installation, repairing, manufacturing and supervision of shipbuilding, industrial facilities, contract, purchase order contract, and so on.)


※ Refugee passport holders cannot apply for K-ETA. 




<For those who need to apply for a visa>

- Currently, only Single-Entry visas can be issued for both long-term and short-term visas.

Please make sure that you do not pay extra visa fees for multiple/double entry visas.

- When applying for a visa, you must submit a Consent for Isolation(격리동의서) form.

- If you are not a national of a location where KVAC is open, you need to provide a document proving your residency.

> For non-EU citizens > provide a proof that you have been living in that country for more than 2 years (e.g. copies of visas, copies of residence permits, etc.)

> For EU citizens > provide a proof that you reside in that country (e.g. (For residents in Germany) Anmeldung Meldebescheinigung, etc.)


!!! The KVAC do not guarantee your Visa Issuance.
Please make sure to plan your visa application submission sufficient time in advance to ensure your timely departure.
(Flight schedules, etc. do not fall under the reason for expedited visa screening process)



<< Visas that can be issued >>

A. Short-term Visas (single-entry only) : Visa issuance restricted 

- However, Visas can be issued in the following cases

① Diplomatic Officials

② Essential business activities such as Investment, technology provision (including important business purposes)

③ Seamen Transit (C-3-11)

④ Short-Term News Coverage(C-1) Short-Term Employment(C-4)

⑤ Family member of a Korean national (Spouse  Child  Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national)

> For ‘Parents of Korean national and Parents-in-law of Korean national’, one can apply for a visa for the purpose of supporting pregnancy  childbirth  child raising of children under the age of 7 of a Korean national or a spouse of a Korean national.

⑥ Family member (spouse, minor child) of foreigners living in Korea with long-term visas

> D-3, E-8, E-9, E-10, G-1, H-1 cannot invite family members.

⑦ Recognized humanitarian reasons



B. Long-term Visas (single-entry only) : No restriction 







How to apply for a visa (Applicants can apply for a visa by mail-in/post)






Visa and Service Fees

(KVAC does not process Quarantine Exemption)






All Visa Documents can be found here. (Application Forms, Consent for Isolation, Courier Waiver, etc.)








- You cannot apply for Quarantine Exemption at the KVAC. The KVAC does not have any information regarding vaccinated person and quarantine exemptions.


- The validity period of documents issued in Korea is 3 months from the issuance date unless a separate validity period is mentioned.

(eg. Business Registration Certificate, Family Relations Certificate, Certificate of Admission, etc.)


- (If Applicable) For those who once had Korean nationality, they must submit a receipt of loss of nationality document (국적상실 신고 접수증) if they do not have ‘Loss of Nationality’ indicated next to the name on documents such as a Family Relationship Certificate. (가족관계증명서)

Korean nationals that voluntarily acquired foreign nationality must forfeit Korean nationality at the time of the acquisition. This can be done at the Republic of Korea Embassy or Consulate.